Oaky integrates with numerous SFTP and API connections which allows us flexibility with our customer base as well as broadens the solutions that we offer. We are constantly expanding our partnerships based on our user demand. Below you will find the current connections that facilitate upselling with Oaky.


  • Apaleo

  • Host PMS

  • Opera Cloud 2-way (OHIP)

  • Protel Air 2-way

  • Guestline 2-way

  • StayNTouch

  • Amadeus

  • Mews 2-way

  • Cloudbeds 2-way

Channel Manager

  • Cubilis

  • Siteminder

  • D-Edge


  • Dingus

Dynamic Pricing & RMS

  • OTA Insight

  • Duetto

Hotel Operations Platform

  • HotelKit

Feedback Tools

  • ReviewPro


  • Quicktext

  • Hijiffy

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