The last tab on the Chain Dashboard is the Settings tab. Within it, you will find the language settings for all hotels within the chain.

Note: Once a language email template is set up and enabled on a chain level, it will overwrite the individual dashboards template. However, individual dashboards will still be able to enable/disable and edit their templates if Editable for Assigned Hotels is enabled for any field under Messaging.

  1. Click on Settings.

  2. English is added and enabled as a default language in general. You can add more languages to be enabled via the Add another language dropdown.

  3. Once a language is added, the chain dashboard will show you where translations are missing for it. If you click on the missing translations disclaimer for a selected language you will be redirected to a screen detailing which emails are missing a translation:

4. Once there are no more missing translations, the language can be enabled on a chain level and the email versions in the enabled language will overwrite the information for individual dashboards.

5. If you would like to remove a language, you can click on the X. The system will ask you to confirm if you want to remove the language or not.

Attention: If a new hotel is added to the chain after custom templates have been set up under Messaging fully on a chain level - the custom chain templates will be applied to the new hotel regardless of whether ‘Editable for assigned hotels’ is enabled or disabled. This is because the new hotel is joining with empty templates, so applying the existing ones from the chain level saves time and effort for hoteliers.

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