Oaky is excited to announce its partnership with ReviewPro!

ReviewPro is a powerful cloud-based solution that helps hoteliers deliver optimal guests experiences and increase rankings on review sites and OTAs. The integration works on all operating systems, all that's needed is for the hotel to use the GEA (Guest Experience Automation) by ReviewPro module.

How does it work with Oaky?

  • ReviewPro sends reservation data to Oaky.

  • Oaky creates login links and shares this with ReviewPro.

  • Within ReviewPro, you can add the Oaky login link to an email, WhatsApp, or SMS template: {{oakyExperienceURL}}

  • You can configure the sending times in ReviewPro

e.g. 3 days and 1 day before arrival to the guest

  • You can choose the priority list of the communication channels, e.g:

  1. First, send a WhatsApp message to the guest

  2. If not available, send SMS

  3. If not available, send an email

  • When the guest clicks the CTA button in the received message they will be redirected to the Oaky guest landing page.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Approved and Rejected emails for deals will still be sent only by Oaky.

  • For the moment, reporting in the Oaky dashboard can't show the number of guests emailed, open rate, and login rate from ReviewPro & ReviewPro can't show Oaky conversion data. However, we're working on solving this limitation as soon as possible.

  • For segmentation of customers messaged via ReviewPro, Oaky will use the reservation data received from ReviewPro. Below is a table of all the data fields we can receive from ReviewPro:



Stay dates


First name / Last name



Phone number

Reservation code

Number of adults

Reservation status

Number of children

Room type code




Market code

Rate code

Rate code group

Meal plan code

Travel agent

Room number

Room count


If you are a ReviewPro customer and interested in integrating it with Oaky, please contact your dedicated Oaky account manager.

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