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Dear Oaky customer,

We hope you, your hotel and your guests have been generating great value using Oaky.

Fantastic news! Now you can refer a fellow hotelier/peer to be able to generate the same value!

We’d love to speak with a 3/4/5 star hotel that has:

  1. Multiple room types (3+ categories)

  2. Several in-house facilities (e.g restaurant, parking, spa, etc)

  3. More than 50 rooms

Do you know any such hoteliers that can benefit from Oaky? Then simply send them this email with us in CC and we will get in touch with your peer/friend.


As you know, I am currently using Oaky and generating great revenue from them. I think it could also be useful for you!

I would like to introduce you to my Customer Success manager to take it further. They will get in touch with you to get to know more about your property and to explain to you the revenue potential of the product a bit better.

Enjoy your future Oaky experience.

Best regards,

Thank you in advance for helping us spread the Oaky magic. Your friend/peers will thank you for this recommendation.

Cheers from the entire team that has proudly built Oaky.

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