Generate revenue while saving time for your reception or reservations team. The two-way integration with Guestline allows you to automatically upsell your offers, without your teams having to manually process the Oaky requests in your Guestline and Oaky.

Before you can set up your two-way connection, please first ensure that we have created the connection between Oaky and Guestline. Click below to see how you can connect your Guestline to Oaky.

How to connect Guestline to Oaky?

To connect Guestline to your Oaky you need to contact your Guestline Account manager with the request to connect to Oaky. Make sure that in this communication you put your Oaky Customer Succes manager in CC.

When this is requested Guestline will work on the connection together with Oaky and your Customer Succes manager will inform you when the connection is established.

Two-way room upgrades

What does "Two-way room upgrade" mean for you:

  1. We only offer room upgrades to guests if they are available in your Guestline inventory

  2. Once the guest takes an upgrade*, we automatically modify the room type linked to the reservation in Guestline.

  3. Supplement per night is added to the bill in Guestline

*The guest will receive an automated confirmation like usual

Enabling two-way room upgrades

Step 1: Creating an Oaky upsell product in Guestline

This (new) Oaky Upsell product is used for room upgrade charges coming via Oaky. The value should be set to “0.00” as Oaky will overwrite the amount based on the Room Price matrix set in your Oaky dashboard:

Step 2: Expose to Web Service in Guestline

Oaky upsell products (in Guestline) that are to be used via the 2-way integration have to be exposed to Web Service. If this field is unticked, Oaky won’t be able to retrieve this product via the API connection.

We strongly recommend exposing all the products configured in Guestline that you want to offer via Oaky (either now or in the future) to the Web Service, as this can prevent future issues. Please, keep this in mind when creating a new product in the PMS.

Step 3: Setting up the 2way room upgrade in Oaky.

When your Guestline product is set. You can now go and configure your two-way Room Upgrades in Oaky.

Hotel settings -> Integrations -> ⚙️ Guestline two-way

Please ensure to set the following:

  • Get room type availability
    Enabling this setting will ensure that we only offer upgrades that are actually available. When there's a limited offer available, Oaky will add a label 'just 2 left!' to the room upgrades when the guest sees the upgrade in Oaky. The label appears when there are 8 or fewer rooms available. Having this enabled is vital so that the system knows when to accept an incoming request, or when not to show a room upgrade in case it is not available.

  • Two-way room upgrade (modify reservations)
    Having this enabled ensures that our system can modify the reservation of the guest by changing the room type in Guestline.

  • Select the right product

    All you need to do is select the product (Oaky Upsell) and hit save on the bottom right of your page. Now that your product is set, Oaky knows which product to charge to the guest's folio.

Two-way services

What does "two-way service" mean for you:

  1. Automatically accepts incoming service requests and adds them to the guest folio

  2. You choose which service you want to have automatically processed.

  3. Choose to have certain services on a one-way connection to have control over its availability.

❗At the moment, the integration handles only products with a charge mode set to “Single Charge”❗:

❗It is not always possible for you as a hotelier to change all your products within Guestline to a single charge mode. For some products, you might use other charge modes such as per person, per room, etc.

In case you want to offer these products (with one of the above price types) on Oaky and automate their processing via the 2-way, you can alternatively create an additional product (e.g. OAKY_BKFAST), with the charging mode ‘Single Charge’ for the 2-way integration and keep using the original Guestline product (with charge mode ‘Per Person’) for your hotel staff.

Enabling two-way services

You can enable the two-way services via your Oaky dashboard, by matching your Oaky product with your Guestline product.

Hotel settings -> Integrations -> ⚙️ Guestline two-way

💡Pro tip: In case you have a deal that requires availability (e.g. Early check-in, late check-out, Bike rental), you can leave the two-way disabled. This way the request will come in your dashboard and you have the control to accept or reject the deal. In case you can always accept these requests, feel free to activate the two-way for such deals


At the moment, Guestline does not support traces. Therefore, we highly recommend keeping your Oaky email notifications enabled, so you can spot when a guest leaves a comment with their request or reserved the deal for a specific time.

Posting method

Guestline currently does not support posting services on the date that the guest requests the service. Instead, you can choose per item on what day(s) you would like the product to be posted.

E.g. If a guest is staying at your hotel from 01-07-21 till 05-07-21 and books the service Bike Rental for 03-07-21, the product will either be posted on the check-in (01-07) or check-out (05-07) date, depending on your Posting Method settings.

The posting mode of the Guestline products should be set to either:

1. Day Of Arrival

In this case, the integration will post all the respective charges on the day of arrival. E.g. Bike rental

2. Day Of Check Out

In this case, the integration will post all the respective charges on the day of departure.

3. Day Of Arrival + Resident Days

In this case, the integration will post all the respective charges throughout the stay nights. Note: that this product will only be compliant when the Oaky price type is set to any of the ‘throughout stay’ price types.

Current limitations

  • Two-way services will only work when the Guestline product is set to ‘Single Charge’
    When you have to create a duplicate product in Guestline due to this, that also means that Oaky cannot recognise if a guest has already booked e.g. breakfast or not. To not show deals to guests who already booked that product, at this moment, can only be done through the ‘Exclude rate codes’ feature in Oaky.
    Click here to learn more about excluding rate codes

  • You cannot activate the two-way for composite offers (yet). E.g. you offer a romantic package via Oaky that consists of a dinner, a bottle of wine and a plate of strawberries in the room. The items in this package consist of different tax rates, which makes it unable for Guestline to calculate the correct price & automatically charge this to the folio.

  • There is no section in Guestline for Oaky to leave notes or traces with regards to an automated upsell.

  • We can only find Guestline products when they are configured in Guestline with the product type: Bedroom, Bedroom upsell, Bedroom check-in offer, Bedroom upsell or Check-in offer.

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