Gain revenue while saving time for your reception or reservations team. The two-way integration with Protel allows you to automatically upsell your offers, without your teams having to manually process the requests in your PMS and Oaky.

Two-way room upgrades

What does "Two-way room upgrade" mean:

  1. We only offer room upgrades to guests if they are available

  2. Once the guest buys an upgrade*, we modify the room type linked to the reservation in Protel

  3. We add the supplement to the bill in Protel

  4. Oaky leaves a trace in Protel mentioning that this guest is upgraded through Oaky (see the "Traces" section below for more info).

*The guest will receive an automated confirmation like usual

Enabling the two-way room upgrades for Protel is simple. Protel will ensure that the correct room upgrade product is created. All you need to do is go to Hotel settings -> Integrations -> ⚙️ Protel two-way

Please ensure to set the following:

  • Get room type availability
    Enabling this setting will ensure that we only offer upgrades that are actually available. When there's a limited offer available, Oaky will show 'just 2 left!'. The label appears when there are 8 or fewer rooms available. Having this enabled is vital so that the system knows when to accept or reject an incoming room upgrade request.

  • Two-way room upgrade (modify reservations)
    Having this enabled ensures that our system is able to modify the reservation of the guest by changing the room type and leaving a note for reception

  • Select the right product
    The team at Protel will create the correct 'room upgrade product' within Protel for you. All you need to do is select the product and hit save on the bottom right of your page. Now that your product is set, Oaky knows which product to charge to the guest's folio.

    Note: Oaky will push its prices and charge the costs of the upgrade requested in Oaky on a 'per night' basis.

Two-way services

What does "two-way service" mean:

  1. Automatically accepts incoming service requests and adds them to the guest folio

  2. You choose which service you want to have automatically processed

  3. Choose to have certain services on a one-way connection to have control over their availability

You can enable services on a two-way integration by matching your Oaky product with your Protel product.

💡Pro tip: In case you have a deal that requires availability (e.g. Early check-in, Late check-out, Bike rental), you can leave the two-way disabled. This way the request will come in your dashboard and you have the control to accept or reject the deal. In case you can always accept these requests, feel free to activate the two-way for such deals

Things to note

  • Tax is an option that you can set in Protel. If the article in Protel has a tax%, then the total price that Oaky adds to the Guests’ folio will be including tax. For example, if a service costs 100 euros, and the corresponding article in Protel has 21% tax as a setting, then the final invoice will be €79 base value and €21 tax.


For every request that is automatically processed by Oaky, the system will leave a trace within Protel. Through this trace, the team is able to keep track of which requests have been made by your guests.

For Room Upgrade Traces;

  • One trace will be made for the day of check-in.

For Service traces;

  • Services with Price Per Piece & Price Per Person as a price type will only generate one trace, with the default day being the check-in date. If the guest chooses a date in their request, Oaky will post a trace for that date

  • For services with a price type that contains 'Throughout Stay', one trace per day of the guest's stay will be created

Current limitations

  • Traces are currently being sent to the default ‘Oaky’ department and it is not possible (yet) to send traces to different relevant departments.

  • When you add new articles in Protel that you also want to offer on Oaky, you would need to let your Customer Success Manager know first. Please send us a screenshot of your product overview, and highlight the articles that you would like to have in Oaky too (see example below).

    The Oaky team will have to force an update to ensure that these articles reflect within the integration settings for the two-way of your new service to be activated.

  • You cannot activate the two-way for composite offers (yet).
    E.g. you have a romantic package that consists of a dinner, a bottle of wine, and a plate of strawberries in the room. These items (or articles in Protel) have different tax rates, which makes it impossible for the systems to calculate the correct price & automatically charge this to the folio.

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