26 years ago in 1995, Internet Explorer(IE) was released. It revolutionised the way we all accessed the internet. We’ve all either hated it or loved it!

Sadly, Microsoft recently announced that they will no longer be supporting IE in Microsoft 365 App by the end of 2021, and will eventually be phasing it out completely. 😑

Microsoft will provide an 'Internet Explorer mode' for businesses that rely on systems that only work with IE 11. However, this will also be eventually phased out. And, If you are geeks like us, you can track the exact timeline here.

Do note, Oaky will also phase out support for IE in due course of time. As preparation for this, we would encourage you to install an alternate browser. Oaky functions seamlessly well on all popular browsers, so you can pick your favourite. ❤️

If for some reason, if you are unable to install any of these browsers and only can use IE. Please reach out to our team via the live chat, so we can troubleshoot with you. 👈

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