We have identified 6 key touchpoints that a hotel will have with their guests from dreaming about their travels, through arriving at their destination, and, hopefully, planning their return trip. Embedded within these touchpoints are perfect opportunities for you to reach out to your guests to inspire purchases for ancillary services and room upgrades!

These touchpoints are in the form of the following emails on your Oaky dashboard:

1) Pre-arrival 1 and 2 emails
These emails are your first touch with your customers, and they set the tone of your actual engagement with them when they arrive at your property. They are also your first attempts at letting your guests know about your special offers and beautiful room upgrades through your property's Oaky Web App.

So, in crafting these 2 initial emails, remember to sound positive and warm, welcoming and excited about introducing your special offers to your guests!

πŸ’‘Click here for best practices and examples for crafting pre-arrival emailsπŸ’‘

2) In-stay emails
Oaky In-stay emails can be scheduled to be sent on the day of check-in or in some cases, hotels have opted to send 1 day before check-in. In-stay emails 1 day before check-in works the same as a pre-arrival email, and should be the final prompt for guests to take up some last-minute offers if they have not already done so.
In-stay emails sent on the day of check-in can be used to update your guests on any property information (e.g. facilities under maintenance, where to park, time and location for the perfect sunrise or sunset, and so on).

The best thing is, they are free for you to use as a final upselling channel before your guests arrive!

πŸ’‘Click here for best examples of in-stay emailsπŸ’‘

3) Post-stay emails
Post-stay email is an avenue to appreciate your guests as they depart. You can use this complimentary email to seek reviews and feedback, and even encourage guests to do direct bookings for their future stays.

Our customers have used post-stay emails very creatively to remain top-of-mind!

πŸ’‘Click here for inspirations for post-stay emailsπŸ’‘

4) Accepted and Rejected Deal emails

🀭 Do you know that you can also customise the Accepted and Rejected Deal emails to drive more conversions?
Upselling does not need to stop when you have approved or rejected a deal or upgrade request - you can still drop crumbs to invite your guests to pick up more services or perhaps even encourage them to take up a higher tier upgrade if the initial one is not available!

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