Oaky sends your guest an Accepted Deal email when their requested service or room upgrade is approved by you or someone in your team.

Apart from informing your guest that their request has been approved, the Accepted Deal email can also be used for other purposes. Below are some ideas for you to enhance your Accepted Deal email:

1. Ask for additional information regarding the guest's request

In some situations, clarifications are needed from the guest to ensure that the hotel can fully prepare for the guest's request. Hence, do let your guest know that the team may reach out for more details. To do so, you may wish to add the below content in your Accepted Deal email.

[DEAL_TITLE] has been approved! We will make the arrangements accordingly. Should we require further clarifications, we may send you a separate email with further details.

2. Insert prepayment information if required

Oaky does not handle payments. To secure the payment of the approved request in advance, you can use the Accepted Deal email to inform your guest that prepayment is required and your team will be reaching out with a payment link for them to complete the order. Below is an example for your reference.

Kindly note that a prepayment may be required. If so, we will send you an email with a payment link in the next xx hr (or next business day. Please insert appropriate duration) so that you can make payment to secure your reservation.

3. Have your guests book more services to fully experience what your hotel has to offer

The Call-To-Action button in the Accepted Deal email redirects your guest to the Guest App where they can request other services. Make a suggestion for your guest to browse through the Guest App and book an additional service!

Below are some examples adapted from our customers, for your reference.

4. Always connect your guests with your team for any questions

Do include the team's email address or hotel number for your guests to reach them for any questions or assistance needed.

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We hope this inspires you to customise your Accepted Deal email!

To do so, go to your Oaky Dashboard > Emails > Per Email > Accepted Deal > Edit Email Version.

If you need more details on how to change your email content, please click here.

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