There may be some instances where you find yourself having to reject a guest's request. When this happens, Oaky sends a Rejected Deal email to your guest to inform them that their requested service or room upgrade is unavailable.

This does not mean the end of an upsell opportunity, but instead it is another chance to create a sale!

Here are some tips for you to use Rejected Deal emails to continue driving upsells:

1. Content should show scarcity of your service/room upgrade

Try switching phrases such as "This service is unavailable" with phrases that make people perceive limited quantities as more precious and valuable.

Here are some examples to enhance the desirability of your offerings, in the email subject headers:

"Oops! We just sold the last of [DEAL_TITLE]"

"We are sorry. Your requested [DEAL_TITLE] is no longer available at the selected timing. We will send you an email if it becomes available again."

"Unfortunately [DEAL_TITLE] is so popular, we are unable to confirm your request".

2. Provide alternatives for your guest

The Call-To-Action button in the Rejected Deal email redirects your guest to the Guest App where they can request other available hotel offerings. Make a suggestion for your guest to browse through the Guest App and find something else! Some ideas below for you to get started:

We have many other offerings in our hotel and we're sure you can find something else you like!

How about adding other services to your stay?
Click the link below to explore other options.

3. Always connect your guests with your team for any questions

Do include the team's email address or hotel number for your guests to reach them for any questions or assistance needed.

Sample Rejected Deal Emails

Lastly, here are a couple of examples adapted from our customers for your reference.

We hope this inspires you to customise your Rejected Deal email!

To do so, go to your Oaky Dashboard > Emails > Per Email > Rejected Deal > Edit Email Version.

If you need more details on how to change your email content, please click here.

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