New to Oaky?

A series of videos and information to help you get started with Oaky!

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Welcome to Oaky! We have prepared a series of short videos to help you get started.

Introduction to Oaky

To begin, we would like to share more about our tool and our company with you.

Oaky is a digital upselling platform that helps increase the value of each guest visiting your hotel by offering personalised offers and delivering the right message, to the right guest at the right time.

As a company, Oaky is a young and vibrant tech startup in the hospitality industry which is headquartered in Amsterdam. We also have another office in Singapore. We are formed by people from diverse backgrounds and different cultures with the goal to help you become rockstars at upselling!

How Oaky works for your guest

Oaky provides your guests with an option to personalise their stay. Personalisation has become an essential element of service and your guests can now tailor their stay at your hotel according to their needs. Additionally, the Oaky Guest App is a hassle-free and convenient way for your guests to learn about what your hotel has to offer.

How Oaky works for your hotel

Oaky uses automated pre-arrival emails to help you drive your hotel's upsell revenue, enhance guest experience, and increase operational efficiencies.

Now that you are familiar with how Oaky helps you and your guests, the next few videos and articles will give you a better understanding of the key features of your Oaky Dashboard (visible for users).

Dashboard - Hotel Settings

On the Hotel Settings page, you can enter the basic information for your hotel, personalize currency & time zone, add/remove/edit users, enable/disable email notifications, block guests and monitor integration status. Read more about it in the articles below (access is possible when logged-in as an Oaky user):

Dashboard - Emails

The "Emails" section allows you to make changes to the aesthetics and content of your Oaky emails. This article πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ shares more information on the different Oaky emails which are sent at to your guest (access is possible when logged in as an Oaky user).

These are the other useful email-related articles:

Dashboard - Web App > Services

In the "Services" section, you can manage all the service deals that you are showing on the Guest App for your guests to pre-book. Always choose bright images for your deals, use no more than 100 words in the deal description, and make use of emotive descriptions to make the deal more attractive to your guests. This article πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ shares more information on how you can add or edit your service deals.

Other related help articles include:

Dashboard - Web App > Room Upgrades

The "Room Upgrades" section allows you to manage your room upgrade deals shown on the Guest App. There are 6 steps to set up your room upgrade deals.

Step 1: Setup your Room Upgrades

See here for how to configure your room type codes

Step 2: Sort your room categories from basic to most premium in Dashboard

Here's a guide on price levels

Step 3: Price your room upgrades using the Room Price Matrix

Watch a video here to learn more about the room price matrix

Step 4: Add multiple images for each room upgrade deal

Learn more here about adding multiple images

Congratulations! 🎊You will now be able to navigate your Dashboard confidently!

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