One of the best ways to increase your RevPAR and ADR is to boost your Room Upgrade conversion on Oaky as this is direct revenue for the hotel! Here we would like to outline a few key points to achieve higher room upgrade conversions on Oaky.

1. Minimise free room upgrades:

Reduce giving guests complimentary upgrades. Instead, offer discounted rates to your suites. A cheaper upgrade to a Suite is better a free upgrade, and even better than an empty Suite - the bonus: your standard room becomes available online again, simultaneously bumping your ADR with a higher room rate!

2. Offer all your rooms for upgrades.

Guests love a variety of choices to pick from. We have seen fro our data that when hotels offer more upgrade options the conversion does marginally increase. So, if you are fortunate enough to have multiple room categories at your property, please do offer all of them on Oaky.

3. Sell Room attributes

If you do not have multiple room categories, but have rooms with *special attributes* in the same room category like:

Room close/far to an elevator

Rooms on a higher floor

Room with a view

Room with a bathtub

Offer these attributes as a special deal under the Services section of Oaky, even if this deal is only for a few €/$ per night, this is extra direct revenue for you!

🎁 Bonus tip:

Please add multiple images to your room upgrades as outlined below:

4. Offer Special Discounts

Everyone loves a good discount, and with Oaky's Seasonal Room Pricing you can make your room upgrades deals really attractive for your guests!

💡Pro Tip:

  1. Offer higher discounts on your higher room categories, you want to make these deals more attractive for the guests to upgrade to! A cheaper upgrade to a Suite is better an empty Suite.

  2. If these deals are extremely special i.e. they cannot find them anywhere online, mention this in the deal description. The "exclusive" nature of this deal is surely going to convince the guests to take the upgrade!

5. Bundle the Room Upgrade

This where you are making the room upgrade deal look "irresistible" and high value for money for the guest. You can do this by offering things for complimentary e.g a bottle of bubbles with the room upgrade, access to the lounge for complimentary, or a free drink at the bar (here your well-trained bar staff can further upsell to these guests) and another such thing that will not cost you anything to very little but you can benefit a lot from the upgrades.

6. Emotional journey with your content

The purpose of the description is to give customers a sense of what they will get/feel or have the benefits when they take this room upgrade, and not more so about the specific features of the room like having a king-size bed, a TV and a water heater.

The art here is to take your guests on an emotional journey while clearly describing the key features of the room you want them to upgrade to.

Which description sounds more appealing to you?

With all these tips to help you out, we hope you are able to fine-tune the room upgrade section of your Oaky. If you need any advice or help, please do reach out to us via chat or via email to your customer success manager.

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