You can connect your Amadeus with Oaky in a few minutes.

How do you connect your Amadeus with Oaky?

Reach out to your account executive at Amadeus with the request to connect with Oaky. Oaky will then reach out to Amadeus support to plan the installation of the connection.

The average installation time for the Amadeus connection is 1 month. When the connection is established Oaky will contact you that the connection is successful.

Once the connection is done, make sure to enable "Get room type availability" in Hotel settings -> Integrations -> Amadeus
Enabling this setting will ensure that we only offer upgrades that are actually available. When there's a limited offer available, Oaky will add a label 'just XXX left!' to the room upgrades when the guest sees the upgrade in Oaky. The label appears when there are 8 or fewer rooms available. Having this enabled is vital so that the system knows when to accept an incoming request, or when not to show a room upgrade in case it is not available.

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