Email Optimisation

There seems to be a lot that goes into creating an effective and converting email, but don't you panic! We are here to lend you a helping hand on how to create the best converting content and drive those click-through rates through the roof.

So what do you do? We've collected loads of data and best practices from our customer base to provide you with the tips & tricks to improve your email performance.

1. Subject lines

Generally, email subject lines will get cut off when they are too long, especially on mobile devices. Here are our top tips to write a killer subject line:

  • Shorter subject lines get more clicks
    Subject lines around 40 characters have proven to convert the best.

  • Top four keywords to include in your subject line:

  1. Reservation number

  2. First Name

  3. Last Name

  4. Check-in Date

To make it easy, here are some subject line examples that are likely to improve your Email Open rate.

Upgrade your reservation 71824018 at Hotel Oaky 23/06/2020, Demi

About your reservation 71824018 at Hotel Oaky on 23/06/2020

Dear Demi, we will see you on 23/06/2020 - 71824018 at Hotel Oaky

Hey Demi, Hotel Oaky is looking forward to your arrival on 23/06/2020

2. Email content

To motivate someone to click through your email, you need to create a desire in them for your product or content. Using the data provided by our customer base, we have done research on what email content converts the best on Oaky. Here are our findings:

  • Pre-arrival email 2 generally has a higher Click Through Rate (CTR), compared to Pre-arrival email 1. Below you can find examples of emails that you can use for Pre-arrival 1 vs. Pre-arrival 2.

  • Higher converting emails include a Call To Action (CTA) for popular room upgrades.
    E.g. "Click on the link below to view our impressive room upgrades"

  • Less is more
    Ideally, the email should be around 100 to 150 characters max.

  • Less use of upper-case words is appreciated more by guests. Using upper cases is a universal sign of SCREAMING and can have a negative impact on your conversion.

  • Keep your Call To Action (CTA) button near the top of your email
    When creating emails for busy, on-the-go readers, you want to get to the point quickly. Keeping the CTA in the upper section of the email and inserting reservation information below it is the most user-friendly approach.

  • Emails with the words "contact us" "by phone" and "link above/below" have the best CTR

The below templates have been tested by various hotels from our international customer base and came to the fantastic conclusion that:

  • With the new email template, the Login rate has increased by 6.6% compared to the performance in the default email.

  • The revenue per email sent has increased by 10%.

The reason why these templates work is that they are short, engaging and also create that ever-important sense of urgency. The combination of these elements makes the template powerful, which has led to a clear increase in results.

2.1 Example of Pre-arrival 1


Thank you for choosing us, we look forward to welcoming you on [CHECKIN_DATE].

For your own pleasure, we are offering you a wide selection of exciting deals such as champagne breakfast and private tours, tailored especially for your stay at the [HOTEL_NAME].

Click on the link below to view the impressive room upgrades, in-room services and many more surprises available for your booking.

Your booking number is [RESERVATION_NUMBER] and your departure date is on [CHECKOUT_DATE].

For any questions on your reservation, contact us via email at [HOTEL_EMAIL] or by phone at [HOTEL_PHONE].

We are always excited to talk to you [FIRST_NAME]!

Warm regards,


2.2 Example of Pre-arrival 2:


Only a few days left before your arrival! We look forward to giving you a fantastic experience.

Do you want to make your stay even more memorable? We have selected a number of interesting extras and beautiful room upgrades just for you.

Just look around. We think you'll find something great for your stay with us.

Below the details of your reservation:

Reservation number: [RESERVATION_NUMBER]

Arrival date: [CHECKIN_DATE]

Departure date: [CHECKOUT_DATE]

We look forward to making your stay unforgettable! See you soon.

Greetings from team [HOTEL_NAME]

NOTE: Do not change the [...] fields, this is data we automatically pull from your dashboard.

💡 Bonus Tip:

  • Offer a free deal. Mention this free deal in the email content as a way to click through to the app. We all love a good free deal, don't we?

  • Mention your best-selling deal/crowd-pleaser in the email body itself.

3. Optimise for mobile use

There are a few basic principles you should take into consideration when creating your email content. One of these is to optimise your emails for mobile use as around 70% of all emails are being opened on a mobile device. Here are some tips to create email content fit for mobile:

  • Place your CTA near the top of your email to make it the most mobile-friendly.

    • The CTA button should be visible at first sight when opening the email, so there is no need to scroll down

  • Have a short and clear subject line (see Chapter 1)

  • The text above your CTA button should motivate the receiver to take action and click on the button (as explained in Chapter 2)

4. Email Branding

Guests, just like you, like to see the consistency of branding in your communication to them. Why is this important? Trustworthiness and familiarity.

Having the same images/logos on the Oaky email as they may have seen on your page or other sites will instantly increase the trustworthiness and familiarity of the Oaky email. This simple addition boosts Click-Through Rates (CTR). See the example of the email above and how the logo is placed on the email header.

We strongly recommend adding a logo or other brand design elements to your Oaky emails.

That's it! Want to know how you can change your email content?

Then click here.

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via chat or email your Customer Success Manager.

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