Why use Oaky?

A quick overview of the benefits of pre-stay upselling through Oaky

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There are four main moments in the guest journey where upselling can be applied: 

  1. at the time of booking, 

  2. pre-stay, 

  3. at the front desk when the client arrives and 

  4. during the stay itself.

Oaky helps you and your Front Office team by sealing upsell revenue before your guest checks in, leading to:

  • Incremental revenue with a lesser hard-sell, no second-guessing of what to upsell upon check-in

  • Smoother front desk operations and quicker check-in duration as upselling is democratised by Oaky

  • Meaningful connections between your Front Desk Agents and guests as the team now has more time to interact with guests 

  • More memorable guest experience as the team can make better preparations for your guest’s stay in advance

  • Additional upsell opportunities as the team can use current upsells to prompt more related upsells

Click the video below to find out more about the virtues of pre-stay upselling! 

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