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Cloudbeds: Connection, Features & Limitations
Cloudbeds: Connection, Features & Limitations

How to connect Oaky and Cloudbeds, features & limitations.

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Connecting Oaky and Cloudbeds

Step 1: Go to the integration page in Oaky and click on the "Connect to Cloudbeds" icon. This will take you to your Cloudbeds page, where you will be prompted to approve the connection between Oaky and Cloudbeds.
Step 2: Click on the "Approve" button to establish the connection.

Once you give permission to Cloudbeds to start sending data to Oaky, you will get re-directed to the Oaky dashboard.

Features of the integration:

With this integration you can get the following options: 

  1. Getting reservation information. 

  2. Getting room type availability (so guests only see the rooms that are available for an upgrade). 

  3. 2-way Room upgrades: Enabling this will mean that when a guest requests an upgrade to a room that is available it will be automatically approved and updated in the guest's bill folio. 

  4. 2-way Services: If a guest requests a deal, it automatically gets added to the guest's Folio and Notes in Cloudbeds. Do note, the guest will only see the deals that they don't currently have on their reservation. In addition to this, when a guest acquires a deal, the other eventual deals that are mapped to the same Cloudbeds Item will be filtered out from the Oaky deals list. E.g. if "Special Breakfast" and "San Valentine's breakfast" are both mapped to the Cloudbeds item "Breakfast", as soon as the guest purchases one of the breakfasts, the other one will be filtered out as they both belong to the same item.  

  5. If for some reason, the 2-way upgrade fails, the deal/upgrade request will appear in your dashboard and Oaky will send you an email notification about the failed attempt to automatically approve the request.

Note: When an Oaky 2-way deal/upgrade is approved, it gets added to the reservation's Folio and Notes section as shown below.



Current Limitations:

  • Cloudbeds does not send Market codes at the moment 

  • Cloudbeds does not have guest language at the moment, this means all Oaky emails will be sent in English only.

  • 2-Way services will be available only if Items don't have Fees & Taxes or if they're inclusive (if they're exclusive, they still can be mapped but services will fall back to 1-way when the guest requests them, so you will then have to manually approve them).

  • If a request is auto-approved on the Oaky dashboard and afterward the guest changes their mind, the request has to be manually rejected on the Oaky dashboard. This manual change will not be pushed into Cloudbeds which means that the request has to also be manually changed in Cloudbeds.

Disabling the connection:

Go to the integration page of Oaky and click on the Cloudbeds link and switch off the connection and click on Save.

How to get Oaky support?

Reach out to live support chat via the chat option on the Oaky dashboard.


How to add a new item in Cloudbeds?

Go to Property Configuration > Items and Services > New Item > Add the new item. 

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