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Setting up your basic Oaky
Emails in the Onboarding Wizard
Emails in the Onboarding Wizard

How to set-up your email pictures and content in the Styling, Signature & Content tabs of the onboarding wizard.

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The below video tutorial will help you to setup your emails in the onboarding wizard
Below the video you will find the step by step guide for further information.

Make sure your emails are short, powerful and visually reinforcing your brand and the likelihood guest will click on the Call To Action (CTA) button in the emails. 

The required sizes for the header and footer are set at:

  • Minimum resolution: 600x200 pixels

  • Maximum size: 2MB. JPG or PNG.

  • Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels 

  • Larger images will be auto-cropped to format a 600x300 image if too large

Don't have a picture resize tool? We recommend the free tool:


We prefill the email closing with the hotel name, however, as Oaky is all about personalisation it is recommended to close the emails in a personal manner for example by the name and position of the person that addresses your guests. This could be the General Manager or Front Office or Reservations Manager for example. Don't forget to translate your email closing if you are using a non-standard and textual email closing in a particular language. 

Last but certainly not least is the privacy statement URL which most often can be found on your hotel website and is required for hotels that offer Oaky to European guests. 


You are free and advised to amend the subject line & emails and make them more relevant to your hotel and brand. We by default supply 2 emails to your guests.
The Pre-arrival #1 email is sent 21 days in advance, and the Pre-arrival #2 email is sent 3 days before arrival. In order to change the text you can freely move your cursor in the field and change as you go. Any content that contains [_] is information we take directly from your Oaky and/or PMS. You are welcome to change the order however, we recommend to keep these ''tags'' in the email as they add an informational character to the emails regarding your guest's stay. 

Don't forget to make the same changes in the languages you have activated. The optimised sending times can vary depending and on your type of guests, lead time and can be changed after completing the wizard in your dashboard.

For more tips on what makes great email conversion, click on this article here!

Contact Customer Success if you would need some custom advice on this.

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