Processing Cancellations

When a cancellation comes in from a reservation, it is strongly advised that the reservation gets cancelled from the original booking source. This means that when you receive a request to cancel a reservation, it should be cancelled within the extranet and not directly from your PMS. Cancelling from the original booking source will make the cancellation flow through all layers of the process, to eventually arrive in the PMS.

Why is this?
If your Oaky is connected through your Cubilis, we need to receive all reservation updates through Cubilis. We can only cancel a reservation within Oaky once we receive a cancellation status from Cubilis. If you have a reservation, we will receive this reservation and it's details through Cubilis. If this reservation gets cancelled through your PMS instead of the original booking source, the status within both Cubilis and will remain the same. This ultimately means that Oaky is not able to cancel the reservation and will still send out emails to a guest that actually cancelled their booking.  

Next to that, when you cancel the reservation at the original booking source, that cancellation travels through all layers of the process, to eventually arrive in the PMS. When applying this method of cancellation as a standard, the risk of overbooking due to not having an up-to-date inventory on all of your channels and the risk of emailing cancelled reservations will drastically decrease. 

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