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Room Upgrades in the Onboarding Wizard
Room Upgrades in the Onboarding Wizard

How to map & configure your room upgrade deals & price matrix in the setup wizard

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The below video will help you to setup your Room Upgrades in the Onboarding Wizard.
Below the video you will find the step by step guide for further information.

STEP 1: Select your integration type.

Select the type of PMS/Channel Manager/connection which you agreed upon in your contract.
If your PMS, is Oracle /Opera / Fidelio - select FTP.
If you are connecting with a Channel Manger, then select Siteminder or Cubilis. If you are using Booking API only, choose Bookingsuite.  

STEP 2: Adding your Room Upgrades
Click on Add Room Type and fill in the information as needed for your base category room, please see below for some tips.

Note: Please add the exact room type code from your PMS/connection for us to match and combine information once we are receiving your guest's data.

As the first Room type is your lowest category, untick the box ''Active'' so it is clear this room type will not be offered/seen by your guests guests. This also means you don't have to add any content for this room type. 

Adding Higher Category Room: Please continue adding all the higher category rooms you have by following the below steps. 

As these are your higher category room type please select ''Active'' in the configuration.

STEP 4: Set Price Level 

Once you have mapped all your Room Types, set them in Oaky from Cheapest to Most expensive so Oaky shows higher room upgrade levels to a guest and configure the supplement prices. You can simply drag and drop them in the right level.

You can also drop several room type codes on one and the same level.
For example many hotels have a SUPT (Superior Twin Room) or SUPK (Superior King Room) room type and charge no different prices between these categories, so these can both be in the same price level.

STEP 5: Adding Supplement Prices i.e. how much does a guest pay from STD Room to DLX room per night, and so on? 

Tip: Don't want to offer a particular upgrade from or to a specific level/room?
No problem. If the price is set at 0 or empty, the upgrade will not be visible for guests looking to book from or to these particular room levels. You can hover over the levels in order to view the assigned rooms. 

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